Unleashing Your Best Self Begins Here

My name is Lucy and I’m the founder of LOF Coaching. I started LOF Coaching with one mission in mind: to weed out the Instagram “experts” and bring a more scientific and research-backed approach to the fitness industry that will actually deliver results.

In 2018, I was struck down by a severe illness. I was dangerously underweight due to colitis.

The prescribed medications? They altered my life’s trajectory. Yes, they helped, but they also opened the door to new problems.

My weight came back with a vengeance, and then some. I was lost in a body that felt alien, miserable, and stuck.

In my desperate bid to reclaim control, I turned to what seemed like a beacon of hope. Fad diets and personal trainers.

But hope quickly turned into a series of disappointments. These so-called magic bullets didn’t hit their mark.

The diets were unsustainable, too restrictive. They left me feeling drained, deprived, and yearning for something more.

And the personal trainers? Their one-size-fits-all workout plans fell short. I was just another client, another number in their books.

This cycle of promises and letdowns had me feeling stuck. I felt like I was in a maze with no clear way out.

But, deep down, I knew there had to be a better way.

So, I made a pivotal decision. I decided to dig deep into the science of nutrition and workouts.

I combed through research papers and studies. I wanted to understand why diets failed and workout plans didn’t work as expected.

And my findings? They completely transformed my perception of health and fitness.

I realised that being healthy didn’t mean bidding farewell to my favourite foods. And achieving my fitness goals didn’t require torturous workouts.

This newfound knowledge empowered me. I started losing weight, feeling fitter, and regained my self-esteem.

But there was more. I realised I wasn’t the only one struggling with these issues.

I had found a way out of the maze, and I wanted to share the map.

That’s why I created LOF Coaching. To help others navigate their journey, without the trials and tribulations I faced.

LOF Coaching isn’t just about fitness. It’s about understanding your body, your needs.

It’s a sanctuary where you won’t feel judged. But empowered, understood, and supported.

With LOF Coaching, you’ll discover a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. And yes, a lifestyle where you can still enjoy your favourite foods.

We’re not about temporary fixes. We’re about lasting change, about making your health goals a reality.

This is the start of your journey to a fitter, happier, healthier you. Welcome to LOF Coaching.